Why women need a Financial Advisor to retire happily

2 Jun

Women today control more wealth than ever before yet the large majority of women do not have a Financial Advisor. Are you one of them?

Why women need a Financial Advisor

For some of you, it is because you are intimidated by numbers and finance, and reluctant to approach an Advisor.  Others have taken a tentative step towards getting advice only to be told that your account is not big enough for an experienced Advisor to take them on.

Having a trusted Financial Advisor is important for you to ensure that an expert guides you in planning for your upcoming retirement.  I ask specific questions of my clients to find out how they want to live their retirement, what resources they currently have to put towards providing for their retirement lifestyle and what constraints they have   My training and experience allows me to use the information gathered through this process to plan investments and insurance to make your retirement dream a reality.

A happy retirement is a sustainable one with the greatest personal satisfaction and the fewest worries.  After all the years of working year-round and caring for a family, we should finally have time for ourselves.  In my office, as my client, you do come first.  We’ll look at the travel or other plans you may have for your retirement, the family members who may still be relying on you, and any health issues that may arise.  In addition, we’ll make sure that you have the right stream of income and pay the least taxes.  You want to be sure you have sufficient assets and government benefits to support you for the golden years.

To plan for a happy retirement, don’t be shy about asking for help.  You can reach me at 416-939-2000 or mheenan@assante.com.