Celebrating our precious mothers, fathers and families

4 Jun

Springtime – Mothers Day, Fathers Day and looking ahead

Mothers Day and Fathers Day are celebrations that started in the early 1900s. We typically honour our parents on these days, thanking them for all they have done to raise and protect us. Amongst those tasks, one of the least pleasant ones they deal with is to contemplate how to protect their children upon their death. It’s painful to even think about. That is one of the reasons many Canadians don’t have wills or adequate life insurance coverage. It is human for you to procrastinate about tasks you find unpleasant or think are going to be difficult to complete. As an Advisor, it is my job to make sure you as a parent do contemplate the unpleasant and put your affairs in order. Insurance doesn’t replace a loved one, but protects loved ones left behind.

Do you know mothers and fathers who should be thinking ahead to protect their children should they pass away? An organization that I recommend to many families for life insurance is Foresters Financial. Foresters is a “fraternal order” not a company. As such, you become a member when you purchase insurance from them vs. a client of an insurance company. Foresters offers members a unique Advantage Plus policy which provides the traditional life insurance benefits plus a variety of features, including built-in guarantees that can protect you and your family from life’s uncertainties, as well as the flexibility to grow with you as your personal and family needs change.

How? As a Foresters Member, your children may be eligible for Forester Orphan Scholarships. It’s not a scenario you wish for, but it offers a real benefit in times of need. What does this mean? Should a single parent or both parents pass away, Foresters pays a monthly benefit for orphans, which may pay $900 per month per child to the legal guardian for children under 18 years of age. Orphans may also have access to a renewable scholarship for higher learning for up to four years to cover tuition and maintenance.

Foresters also offers Competitive Scholarships to members: this is a program offering renewable tuition scholarships for post-secondary education worth up to $8,000 each. Policy holders and their families with minimum grades of 70% and a minimum of 40 hours of community service may apply.

As a Foresters member, you get more than financial protection. You may also be eligible to access complimentary member benefits, including opportunities to attend fun family events and make a difference by volunteering in your community through community grant programs.

Family is the most precious asset we have in our life and having a flexible protection plan that grows with you and your loved ones, gives you one thing less to worry about.

Are you a mother or a father? Do you know mothers and fathers? Through Cash Flow Planning and investigation of alternatives, I’d can help you explore the benefits of life insurance for you and your family. You may be surprised how easy it can be and how much better you’ll feel with this added security in place for your loved ones.

Planning ahead: it’s just good advice.

An affordable life insurance policy can strengthen your Cash Flow Plan. Contact me for more information.