Money Management Lessons – Video Introduction to Webinar Series Fall 2019

23 Sep

Taking care of your financial health – learn how it’s done

If you are like most Canadians and investors, the top three things you worry about are:

  1. Not having enough money to retire comfortably
  2. My investments going down dramatically during a market correction
  3. Outliving my money

Does that sound familiar? Have you ever had a sleepless night worrying about any or all of these?

Money Management Lessons – Introducing Webinar Series Fall 2019

More knowledge, fewer worries:

Do you ever wish that you felt more confident in dealing with your finances? That you really knew what it takes to make good financial decisions so that you could make those decisions for yourself? At the heart of it, financial success comes from understanding what to do with your money.

Upcoming Webinar:

You don’t need a degree in finances to get smart with your money. In this webinar I’ll share with you some secrets used by wealthy Canadians, such as:

  • How to create perfect financial strategies so that you know exactly where you’ll be in the next 10 years even if you don’t know where to start;
  • How to get out of the debt you thought would be there FOREVER so that you get to do the things you’ve been putting off for years… (like that trip you’ve always dreamed of);
  • How managing your cash flow can get you from where you are today to a secure retirement.
  • How to protect your most important asset.
  • Successful investing to achieve your personal long term goals is part mathematics and an equal part of behaviour. Find out how knowledge, behaviour and mathematics all contribute to grow your wealth without so much worry. 

Join me on this webinar for an important step in looking after your financial health.

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It’s just good advice.