Manulife One ads – Are they Netflix shorts or banking commercials?

27 Feb

Cash Flow and a Mortgage That Gives You More


Have you seen the TV ads for the Manulife one account? They are a little creepy but they sure deliver the message that Manulife does mortgages differently. I sometimes recommend this innovative all-in-one mortgage, line of credit and bank account that gives you choices on how to handle your family’s cash flow. Its many advantages include a unique way of calculating interest which can potentially save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in interest on long term debt such as a mortgage.
A Financial Advisor like myself offers so much more value than choosing and monitoring investments. In my case, I may design for you a Cash Flow Plan coupled (or not) with the Manulife One bundle to help you to restructure debt, and accumulate savings for your family’s financial goals and dreams or for emergencies. While you are saving, you also reduce your debt. The plan can simplify your banking; however, I do not recommend the account without a well-structured Cash Flow Plan to ensure you keep your focus on your long term goals.
For those who are about to leave the work force but want to continue owning their home, Manulife One may offer you tax-free options on funding retirement, thus making your investments last longer. We have longer life spans and may need many sources of income for retirement. Some clients consider using their home equity via The Manulife One account as a smart way to stay in their home and still access the equity in it to supplement their savings and investments.
You must be working to qualify for the account, so it’s important to apply while still employed. Don’t delay even if you don’t need access to your home equity now.
Are you a good saver and no longer have a mortgage? Congratulations! Still, you might find you have to borrow at times to fund an emergency repair, buy a new vehicle or make a large purchase that was not anticipated. The Manulife One account gives you easy access to your savings and your home equity, a competitive interest on chequing and savings accounts and a bank card that can be used across Canada.
Contact me if you want a Financial Advisor who is passionate about helping clients control their cash flow to achieve their financial objectives. If I believe that a Cash Flow Plan and the Manulife One product can contribute to your success, I can put you in contact with a banking specialist from Manulife in order for you to inquire about qualifying.
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