BE MY VALENTINE – but not if you have credit card debt

8 Feb

I am indebted (pun intended) to the CBC and the Globe and Mail for reporting on some very interesting research on credit card debt done by Nerdwallet.

NerdWallet is a free (American) tool to help you find the best credit card offers, cd rates, savings and chequing accounts, insurance, and other financial products.

Be my Valentine - but not if you have credit card debt
Source: Google Images

According to research that Nerdwallet published, credit card debt is a turnoff to men and women, but especially women.  Over half of women would not want to date someone with heavy credit card debt, and almost half (46%) of men felt the same way.  70% of Americans agree there is a nasty stigma around credit card or “bad debt” (unlike mortgages and student loans which are considered “good debt”).

If you find this hard to believe, here’s more information from a study done by no less than The Federal Reserve Board.  The very lengthy title of the 55-page research paper is: Credit Scores and Committed Relationships.  Serious subjects indeed.

If you are unlucky in love, clean up your debts and see what effect that has on your attractiveness.

Another tip – don’t post your credit score or debt level on your dating profile if they don’t show you in your best light.

It’s just good advice.