Celebrating and “Be Well Advised”

10 Jan

Last September marked my four-year anniversary as a Financial Advisor at Assante Capital Management Ltd. “Be well advised” is the Assante promise to our clients. In the spirit of that promise and to celebrate hard-working Canadians, I want to highlight some of my clients. They are not part of the 1%, they’re part of the 99% like you and me. They range from single moms working for someone else to entrepreneurial couples running a successful business (or two) and raising a family, to newly retired singles and couples looking forward to their golden years.

I celebrate all of them for their focus on putting their financial house in order and protecting their family from threats. As they move closer to achieving their goals, I am reminded of the importance of the work I do in “advising well”.

I celebrate all of them and I’m honoured that in my journey, I am assisting them in fulfilling their financial goals. Take a look: it’s possible you will recognize yourself or someone close to you in one or more of these profiles.

  • D and A, and MCZ and JZ: couples with and without children using the Cash Flow Plan to pay off debt to save for a house purchase. See the testimonial on my web page at marylouheenan.com
  • GC, JB, RW: male and female entrepreneurs, growing their businesses, preparing for the best while also securing their savings for any rough time that might arise
  • G and N, and A and K: couples with young children, saving for long-off college and university education using Registered Education Savings Plans
  • M and K: parents of teenagers getting ready for college and university
  • DS – a single mom; R and L, and countless other singles/parents: preparing for upcoming retirement now that the children have gone from teens to young adults, and putting affairs in order to be financially secure as they leave the workforce
  • Grandparents helping out the next generations by contributing to RESP’s
  • AH, WS: couples going through marriage break-up, or loss of a spouse, re-settling and re-establishing their financial priorities
  • CC: covering his risk of being short of funds in case of a severe illness and protecting his legacy for his children

I applaud all of them and you for taking time to make your finances a priority, to learn how investments and insurance work and how to use them to your advantage. Perhaps because of my teaching background, clients tell me I explain well the concepts of cash flow, investments and insurance. If you know me only as an Advisor, you might not know about my previous experience in education: three years ago, as I was settling into this new venture, The Globe and Mail published an article about me and my many years as an educational entrepreneur. If you’ve never read it, you might enjoy knowing what I used to do and the reasons why I became an Advisor.

In the article, I talked about the importance for me of having new goals on the horizon. What about you? Do you have some financial goals or dreams which you want to further? Contact me if you would like to “Be well advised”.

Celebrating four years at Assante Capital Management Ltd. and looking forward to many more. Thank you to all the clients I’ve had the privilege of serving.